Saturday, 14 February 2015

AC renaissance book review

This book is about a boy becoming a man.His name is Ezio Auditore Da Firenze and he is an Assassin.You're in Italy a wonderful place full of love and care,Ezio a young teenager and a Pazzi hater He has always hated the Pazzi especially Vieri De Pazzi the leader of the Pazzi gang which is just a bunch of teenagers that pick on other teenagers.As Ezio was going home he saw his house all rummaged and broken he knew what he had to do he went into the secret room and put on the hoodie and the hidden and started to plot his revenge.

What I really like about this book is that it's really interesting,you really have the urge to flip that page and read what is next it's interesting.I felt really curious when I started because I haven't really read any of the assassins creed series so I was really excited.There is nothing to not like about this book because it's really eye catching.

The theme in this book is vengeance,Ezio's father is dead and now the Templars are coming for him  but that's almost impossible with Ezio's skill and knowledge.Ezio was taught by a mysterious woman,she taught Ezio how to blend in with the crowd and the skills to silently assassinate enemies.

The conclusion of this story is that Ezio is going to have vengeance on those who tortured and killed his family.With the skills that he gas learnt he's going to accomplish his revenge.The people he is going to assassinate are very strong probably the same skill as Ezio himself but Ezio knows he can overcome them.

By Tristan Serrano
Book:Assassins creed renaissance
Author:Oliver Bowden

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