Wednesday, 18 February 2015

We were searching up bible scriptures and these are what I did.


luke 4:38-40

Matthew 8:5-8

Mark 10:46-52

Name of the key person

Jesus,Marks suffering mother.

Jesus,paralyzed person,Matthew and a Centurion.

Jesus and Bartimaeus.

What Jesus is saving the people/person from?

Jesus was saving Marks Mother from her illness.

Jesus was saving the person from paralyzation.

Jesus was saving the man from blindness

How are the people’s lives changed by Jesus’ action?

peoples lives changed because now that Jesus is here there will be no sick.

peoples lives changed because they shall not be ill or paralyzed.

peoples lives changed because no one will be blind any more.

How have we been saved in our lives?

My mum saving me from a headache by giving me some medicines.

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