Sunday, 15 March 2015

quick write

It was just a cold dark afternoon and me and AJ were just walking on the beach running and sprinting across the water until we stumbled up across a stairway.

It was leading up to a hole so me and AJ climbed up those stairs and we never came back again.

Where were we? I don't know but we were in some dimension I couldn't understand it but it was like 1470 in the old days where there were no cars and just horses.

That hole we stepped into was a time machine and we went back in time all the way here.

We got to go back on time and find that hole again before we are stuck here forever.

We have searched everywhere but we never found that cave we were stuck forever,but we have one more option bringing the future here good thing I had my Ipod I could show these things to people and then they would share them to scientist.

Three years later people started to evolve in technology especially on ipods because that’s the first thing I introduced.

I wonder what it would be like in 2015 meh anyways today is pretty much the same as 2015 anyways I’ll just stay here by saying I’m adopted.

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