Thursday, 25 June 2015

Novel studies

Chapter 1:
Jamal was playing soccer with his friend and he was pretending to be Manchester while the other team pretends to be liverpool,suddenly Jamal's sister came out and scored a goal but the posts don't have a net so the ball went past the mine field and landed at the tank.

Chapter 2:
Jamal and Bibi went to the tank but since Bibi does not know how the world works she just threw some rocks and called it names,luckily the tank did not care and just drove away.

Chapter 3: 
As Jamal,Bibi and Yusuf were going home a man accused Jamal of breaking his window and the man said he would take away his ball if he does not pay but Jamal's dad came and said don't worry I will pay the debts.

Chapter 4: 
So Jamal and Bibi went back inside their house but their mum was crying and said to Jamal And Bibi that the government knows about the school and now the government is going to find their family and send them to prison or even kill.Their dad luckily have plans to move to Australia and live their.

Chapter 5:
Jamal and his family went to Yusuf's grandfather's house and stayed there for a while.Jamal was outside at night time practising his soccer skills and came up with a plan if he shows his soccer skills to the government he may impress him and let there family go suddenly his sister came out and and kicked the ball into our house,BOOM and our house was gone turned into dust and rubble,Jamal's dad came to them saying what are you doing so Jamal told what they were doing and went back to a cellar and talked about where they are going.

Chapter 6:
Jamal and Bibi slept in the car and when they woke up they had breadcrumbs in their faces,as they rise they were in the city and their dad took them to a safe house and told them to stay there until dad finds mom,Jamal agreed and his dad gave both of them yoghurt and they started to eat.

Chapter 7:
Jamal suddenly had the idea of showing the government his football skill and that would impress the government and free his family from laws so Jamal Asks Bibi to join him to the football stadium and impress the government 

Chapter 8:
So Jamal and Bibi went to the football stadium and saw a bunch of people running at the gate and some trucks came by and saw there mother,Jamal knew what was going on,the government knows where we are and now the government will kill our mother,Bibi was crying and I was crying in the inside,then a car with one green door came in to the stadium and popped smoke cans and grabbed mom out of the stadium.

Chapter 9:
Jamal and Bibi went back home and waited for dad to come back then finally they came and said that dad saved mom now they are going to leave the country and move to Australia.Jamal thought for a minute and said what is it like in Australia? Their Mom answered it's very nice and safe.

Chapter 10:
Jamal and Bibi woke up from sleep and found themselves in a camp where you get free food and water but there aren't much space and lots of people get robbed by other people then one day a kid came to me and said can I borrow your ball and I said yes but then he ran away with my ball,I chased him until I could not find him suddenly a van stopped,inside was an Australian man he told me all the cool things in Australia that's when I had to find mom and dad and tell them how good Australia is.

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