Monday, 27 July 2015

Tristans me poem

What makes me me 
Wishes to:Help all the people in poverty by giving them food and drinks to help them through their lives.I also want to be a leader who wants justice in the world.I would like to explore the vast world and meet new people at the same time.

Dreams of:
Being an actor and act in movies so people can watch me.Become a scientist and make new experiments to help all the sock people.

Wants to be:
A professional football player who goes on tour with other football players.successful by owning a business or being the best at my jobs. 

Wonders about:
How many planets are in the universe because there are probably some other planets that are hidden away from us.

Fears of:
Heights because I fear that one mistake from a high building might be your last.Also from Kaleb's poem a man fell from a glass skyscraper and his spine stabbed his brain.

Is afraid of:
Poltergeist because some are actually real so it creeps me out.Some horror movies are real because they contain poltergeists like the Conjuring and Annabelle.

To eat cultural food because most of them taste really good and that I would like to cook some of theirs cuisine and see what happens if I like it or not.

That Aliens exist because their might be more planets than we humans thought and also want to get more information about things that the world has hidden from us.

To visit my cousins in Philippines and stay there for at least a month so I could have more fun with my relatives.

Plans to:
Go on vacation this year to Philippines and meet my relatives.

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