Monday, 7 September 2015

Book review

Just Disgusting is a novel made by Andy Griffiths it is about him being extremely disgusting and gross.Andy Griffiths is very humorous book writer,he has many other novels like Just shocking,just annoying and lots more.The genre of this book is to be very humorous.

The plot is that Andy (as a kid) is trying to be the most disgusting kid in the world yet still killing disgusting food.His first act is trying to get rid off all his brussel sprouts on his plate that his mum gave him.The first thing he did was give some to his sister,gave some to his dog sooty and then hid it in his chicken bones but that did not work out great,so he was grounded,but he will do it again.

The good part about this book is that it is creative and funny.So people would enjoy the book and laugh at it.The part that was not good about is that sometimes it could get a little innapropriate but that's ok because it doesn't really affect the whole book.

The author (Andy Griffiths) he was actually sending a message because it was saying that you should always listen to what your parents say be grateful.This book was talking about Andy as a kid and how he was very naughty and irresponsible.The point of writing this is to entertain people and make people laugh. 

The whole story is about Andy being the most disgusting kid in the whole world by being disgusting to his sister,his dad and his mum.Andy is very irresponsible and inappropriate child,but his parents

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