Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas Problem

People who don’t know the true meaning of Christmas:
People are getting much more selfish.
Too many people worrying about their presents.
Lot’s of people are being greedy these days.

The true meaning of Christmas:
What is the true meaning of Christmas ? Is it about the presents or spending money on things you don’t need well this peace of amazing writing is about exactly those kind of things,the people who are spoiled and don’t care about people in poverty.           

The true meaning of Christmas are being ruined by those people who only care about presents and not about the people who are in poverty or those whose families are not with them.The people who get presents can be very ungrateful because they don’t think about the people who are not getting presents. 

In Christmas it’s not all about getting the presents but the people who do think it’s about doing that then they are very selfish.People who are selfish are not thinking about the people who actually need the stuff that they own,selfish people are like a disease that means people are acting more greedy and they are passing it on to more people.

Lot’s of people are more greedy because they always get what they want and have to spend all the money they have on something that they don’t even need.Even the children are pretty greedy because they always ask their parents something really expensive and don’t care about their parents who has worked so hard to pay for what they want.

So those are the things that make Christmas kinda a bad thing because of the greedy people of the world.Hopefully you have learned that you don’t have to buy the most expensive thing on Christmas.

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