Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Keeping ourselves safe

For keeping ourselves safe we have been learning about lot's of things and I'm  going to tell you some of them.The first thing we did was how to solve the problem,there are many ways to solve the problem so here's a list of them:
1.Call 111 (but only if it's that serious)
2.Tell your parents.
3.Tell your principle.
4.Tell the council.
So that is all the ways you can solve the problem.The other thing we have been learning that anything bad or horrible that someone did to you remember it is not your fault so when you do call 111 and feel guilty about it just remember the things he\she has done to you and be glad because he\she deserves what he\she would get.Now that we have seen the different ways you can solve abuse I shall tell you about the different types of abuse I shall put them in a list.
1.Emotional abuse
2.Family abuse
3.Sexual abuse
4.Physical abuse
So those were the different types of abuse.Remember when you are abused in any way STAND UP FOR YOURSELF and make the right choices.    

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